Thursday, March 21, 2013

Positively Pink Comfort Hats & Scarves

Over the years I have had several friends and family members diagnosed with breast cancer and I struggled with what I could do to cheer them up.  I saw how chemo made them feel very cold and often not very pretty.  So I saw a need to do something to help with both these issues.  That is why I created Positively Pink Creations.  I wanted to make practical gifts to give to women going through this life challenge while offering them hope and encouragement. 

It can be very traumatic when patients undergo chemotherapy and lose their hair.  We so often take our hair for granted but not only does it make a statement of who we are, but it also keeps us warm. 

My hats are handknit and will keep your loved one warm and fashionable while she undergoes chemotherapy.  All hats are one-size-fits-most.  Each hat comes with a handcrafted inspirational note card for the giver to add a personal message. 

$18 plus shipping (US only).    

This handknit ruffled scarf is a stylish addition to my comfort hat and will keep your loved one warm and in fashion.   Each scarf comes with a handcrafted inspirational note card for you to add your personal message.

Price: $20 plus shipping (US only)

All items come with a beautiful handcrafted inspirational card. 
Positively Pink Comfort Shawl
Wrap your loved one in the warmth and comfort of a beautiful handcrafted shawl to wear while undergoing chemo therapy.  Those chemo rooms are cold, not to mention what your body is going through while receiving treatment.  This beautiful shawl will keep your loved one warm and feeling beautiful!  This is a custom order item and will ship within 3 weeks after order is placed. 
$45 plus shipping  (US only)